No. We want you to encourage your students to utilize the Writing Center as part of their strategy to strengthen their writing skills, but we do not suggest that visits be required for an entire class. The logistical and pedagogical rationales are outlined below. 

  • While CEWC services complement the instruction in writing courses, we do not have sufficient staff to accommodate individual consultations for all the students in all courses.
  • Students who visit under some form of requirement do not typically benefit from a consultation as much as those who come of their own volition. They may wish to visit very briefly, simply to obtain a proof-of-service form. Such visits have the potential to develop into beneficial consultations, but often they diminish access for the more self-motivated students.
  • If you would like one of our Writing Specialists to develop a workshop specifically tailored to your class, or if you would like to ask about an embedded peer tutor or a regularly paired Specialist, please contact the Associate Director, Evin Groundwater,

How to Instruct Your Students to Utilize the Writing Center


  • Workshop Request Form: Instructors, use this form if you want to request a specialist to visit your class. Advance notice of at least one month is required.

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